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Say good-bye to selling 
Our Shoe Drive Fundraiser pays 100% Profit with
NO out-of-pocket expense from you!
Our shoe drives are becoming one of the best fundraising companies in Hampton Roads and our reach  continues to spread.
We make raising money for your favorite charity, school, band, chorus, athletic team, church or organization very simple; and best of all, you don't have to sell anything!   
We've tested the market and it's a hit. Local high school coaches have already begun collecting shoes to get new uniforms, trips and meals for summer programs. Several churches have already collected to support various ministries , Sorority and Fraternity organizations have collected monies to support important causes. Anyone needing to raise money benefits from Shoe Drives by The Kelly Company Professional Services.
We'll give you the start-up packet with tips to help you increase your shoe drive collection. The more shoes you collect the more money you make for your favorite charity or organization. Complete our contact form to start your shoe drive today!
TKCPS is a for-profit business with a big heart for helping others. Periodically we will take shoes purchased from various shoe drives and donate them to several outlets helping others. 95% of shoes collected will be repurposed and or recycled.